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          Hydraulic Breaker Spare Parts Manufacturer

          Does your hydraulic hammer break down again? Thinking about buying a new one? Don’t waste your money. Over a decade of experience tells us that your hydraulic breaker needs durable parts in order to deliver peak performance all the time. CHIXIN is a family run business which specializes in manufacturing hydraulic breaker attachments. All our components are manufactured in-house by using special heat treating, forging and machining technologies. Our workshop is outfitted with a complement of equipment where lathing, milling, grinding, planing, stretching, punching, and drilling operations are done. Click on any stock parts in the menu, and you will quickly discover a wide range of quality parts, such as the hydraulic hammer chisel tool, through bolt, cylinder, piston, side bolt, tool, and stop pin. If any of our standard parts does not appeal to you, send us your drawing and we start production runs accordingly. If you are a construction machinery dealer, distributor, or agent and you are looking for hydraulic breaker parts, please give us a call!

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            1. Chisel Pin

              Heat treating is crucial for building a robust hydraulic machinery part. That is why we have enforced very strict hardening procedures. Each retainer bar is hammered out through a process known as forging, contrary to ...

            1. Through Bolt

              Alloy steel is selected to construct the through bolt. This material is purchased from eligible suppliers within reach, whose distance from us falls within the range of 10km to 30km. Getting suppliers who are close to us ...

            1. Cylinder

              After over a decade of development, we have our abilities well honed to scratch build your breaker-specific cylinder from raw material procurement, through forging, precision machining and heat treating, to packaging and delivery ...

            1. Piston

              We factor in two things when selecting raw material suppliers. Firstly, the supplier should provide the right material we want. Secondly, the eligible supplier is closest to us among others. Mechanically strong, highly ...

            1. Side Bolt

              Selecting a quality side bolt for hydraulic breaker can be a touch decision to make as you have to contend many variables such as price and quality. One thing we can help with is to choose the nearest eligible alloy steel supplier who is generally 10km to 30km from us.

            1. Bushing

              By using advanced NC machining center, a veteran staff of technicians works around the clock to control dimensions and quality of each and every construction machinery component. Chamfered edges and curves are cut precisely.

            1. Chisel

              Made of high-quality alloy steel, our chisel has undergone a series of precision machining and heat treating stages, resulting in a hardness level of HRC55 at the impacting point. High hardness ensures outstanding rock-breaking performance, excellent ...

            1. Stop Pin

              The stop pin is similar in function to the tool pin, as both are used to hold the breaker tool in place and prevent it from coming off. Made of high quality steel, the stop pin has good tenacity. By leveraging over a decade of experience, we are able to get each stop pin ...

          • Service
          • To better serve foreign customers, we have recently built the International Sales Department to ensure foreigners are treated on the same footing with Chinese customers. Simply tell us what you need and our service team can help you pick the right product and strike a deal. Ordered products will be ...

          Chixin Hydraulic Breaker Parts Factory

          Add.: Hengxi Reservoir, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province

          Tel.: +86-574-88065765

          Fax: +86-574-88065531

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